Day 9 – Location Independence

What I like most about my Freedom Plan is the ability to be location independent. The plan is to be able to work anywhere there is an internet connection. One day, I would love to be living on a piece of land in a remote location. I want to raise my children when I, eventually, have them. I would, also, love to travel around Europe or backpack across Canada. For these trips to happen, I will need to be completely location independent.

This concept is completely fathomable as the time changes and technology is adapted to our circumstances. Not to mention, there are so many examples of successful individuals working location independent that it’s easy enough to adjust your lifestyle… or my lifestyle!

Right now, my ideal day being location independent is outdoors. I would wake up in my camper probably in the woods somewhere near a water source. Go through the action of getting up, my morning run, cold plunge in the river, making myself a cup of coffee and sitting down to begin planning out my day. I would set up my “office” which is my tablet computer, project scribbler, reference books (still in the process of learning my new skill set) and possibly a larger monitor later on. I’m looking into purchasing solar panels for my devices and have found some great options! I would work for a few hours and then possibly go rock climbing, biking, sunbathing. Being able to incorporate more movement into my life is my goal. I would work a longer amount of time with shorter breaks until I’ve completed what I scheduled for the day. Then my evening activities would take place such as wild harvesting, medicine making and so much more.

Or maybe I’m traveling in Scotland and I would wake in a hostel. Go for breakfast at local cafe or equivalent. Find some Wifi and work for a few hours then off to tour a castle, hike or museum! I would then settle in during the afternoon and get some more work done. Waiting for a bus or train would give me the perfect time to work!

I’m excited to incorporate all of my lifestyle changes and well on my way! The future is finally bright and I’m looking forward to it!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

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