Day 8 – Choosing My Adventure

Two challenges have been a focus in my life at the moment. The first is this10-Day Blogging Challenge. The second is my say “yes” to new opportunities for at least two weeks.

There was one day earlier this week where I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw an event posted. I knew it was for me! I said “yes” right away. The event was a herbal medicine course out in the country for the weekend!

Early this morning, I drove the hour and a bit to the ranch the course would be held at. The morning was crisp. The leaves painted with fall colours on the rolling landscape. Even the beautiful harvest moon was still glowing bright in the sunrise.

The day was full of herbal knowledge and medicinal creations. Supportive and friendly people expanding their worlds into the local wilderness. Nourishing food, laughter and sunshine for lunch. I couldn’t have been happier! There is one more day and we will be making soap. I’ve been wanting to make soap for ages! Apparently, it’s really easy and I’ll be able to make a batch big enough to share with all the smelly characters in my life! Haha! I’m kidding of course but I would love to give handmade herbal infused soap as Winter Solstice gifts this year.

I’ll be creating a post with some of these recipes just in case anyone would like to try some herbal concoctions! There are easy effective DIY hygiene recipes that I’m excited to experiment with and slightly alter to fit my needs.

The drive back was just as great! I’m feeling full of magic and happiness or content. I’m so grateful for the time to expand and to take my time learning a new skill.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

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