Day 2 – Discovering my WHY

It’s day 2 of the 10-day blogging challenge and those who know me have heard me mention having a Freedom Plan many times. I never thought to include the concept of a freedom lifestyle as part of my plan but it makes so much sense!

Why I have chosen the freedom lifestyle… This has been a tricky subject to write about because my first repetitive thought is I don’t think I deserve freedom. Although, this is a funny because I don’t even know what freedom is or how it feels. It’s also nonsense because everyone deserves freedom including myself! Fortunately, I have the opportunity to discover my freedom as I have opened myself up to it in all areas of my life. This is a very exciting time and a lifestyle I’m happily exploring!

For so many years, I believed that I had no other option but to work for someone else doing the worst jobs. I would be hired into positions that nobody else wanted or would be willing to do. I would master these positions and receive no gratitude or acknowledgment. Eventually, I would burn myself out. A person can only do this so many times before realizing that things can be different. Have I mentioned that I’m stubborn yet?

So, I chose to have a freedom lifestyle! I want a life that I can breathe in. A life where I can create a space for my lifework. I am determined to create a masterpiece that is innovative and new. Something that will provide guidance, balance and abundance to others. My lifework will be enjoyable and challenging for myself. It needs to be soul-fulfilling. The freedom lifestyle will have me eager to wake up in the morning to start my day. It will allow me to have balance in all the areas of my life. The freedom lifestyle gives me the space to figure out what my passion is!

This lifestyle will give me the flexibility to travel the world, live in inspiring places and work at the same time. I could take time off if I’m sick or just need a break. I want to have the freedom to take up the interests that have intrigued me for a long time such as glassblowing. I want to explore, have experiences and to open up to possibilities that I’ve never allowed myself to see before.

Now that I’ve had a taste of freedom, I am fully embracing and creating more in my life!

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”
– Frank Tyger

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2 [insert URL for this blog post, which is]

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